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Privacy Policy

Scope and Applicability

The VAYA Holding GmbH with its head office in 6020 Innsbruck (Tyrol), Austria (Tiergartenstraße 102, Top 2), hereinafter referred to as "the website operator", owns and operates this website and the following:

This Privacy Policy states that any information you provide to the Site Operator when using this Site may be used by the Website Operator to optimize the Site and its offers. This Privacy Policy applies in conjunction with the website's Terms of Use.
The Company reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time without notice. Only the current Privacy Policy shall apply.

Data Processing

When you visit this website, the website operator may collect personal information from you, either if you are logged in while surfing with your registered customer ID (indirect). However, the Company will use such information only for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy and undertakes to maintain confidentiality of the personal data collected in this manner. This privacy policy describes the purposes of the data processing relating to this website, in cooperation with third-party providers the use of cookies and how you can protect your rights to your personal information.

The Website Operator collects, stores, processes and uses information about customers and visitors to its website to conduct its business activities in order to inform its customers about the objects and services that may be of interest to them and for the creation of web statistics. The information you provide will be used to contact you if necessary, e.g. to notify you of changes in the operation of this website or to provide you with services / services that may be of use to you. The following information explains which data is collected and how it is recorded.


The data collected by the website is stored at the server web8006/Landeck. The data is stored there for a period of 5 years. Security storage is done daily.

Data Storage

In the process of Your usage of the Website, the website operator collects certain data from You and uses such data for different purposes. The type of data collected by the website operator and the usage of such data depend on the data. In that regard, this Privacy Policy differentiates between the following categories of data:

  • Anonymous data
  • Log Data
  • Personal data

Where can I view data stored about me?

Website data

According to the new GDPR (= General Data Protection Regulation), you are entitled to receive information about the data you collect, to obtain a correction, to request a cancellation, to file an opposition and to claim the right to limited processing. We take your concerns very seriously. If you would like to claim any of the above rights, please contact our company:

+43 5122 38 797


The Website operator takes precautions, including administrative, electronic, and physical procedures, to protect your personal information from loss, theft and misuse, as well as from unauthorized access, transmission, alteration, and deletion.

The website employs the industry-standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption. Your personal information and credit card information required in internet transactions is thereby safeguarded.

You can also help us secure your information by following some simple steps. Change your password often using a combination of letters and numbers and make sure you are using a secured web browser and update it on a regular basis.

The Website operator has taken security measures to ensure that your personal information for the intended purposes is correct, complete and up-to-date. Naturally, you have the right to access and change your information at any time. You can help us by making sure your contact information and default settings are correct, complete and up-to-date. You may also receive a copy of your personal information by contacting us at the e-mail address mentioned below.

Description and collection of data categories

Anonymous data

The Anonymous Data is used to anonymously analyze the usage of the Website and for related anonymous statistical purposes only. Anonymous data collected by the Website Operator includes the following ("Anonymous Data"):

  • The browser type and version
  • General information regarding the operating system
  • The current date and time

Log Data

Log Data is used exclusively for the operation of the Website. The usage of Log Data as Anonymous Data according to this Privacy Policy, however, remains reserved. Each time the Website is accessed data relating to such access by the User is saved in a log file. The Log Data includes in particular:

  • Site through which the user entered the website
  • Moves to other sites of this website
  • Number of visited sites and length of stay
  • Number of requested data
  • Status of access (eg file transfer, file not found, etc.)
  • IP address data, location, stored language

Personal Data

The Website Operator uses the Personal Data for the following purposes:

  • To contact the user based on the user's consent.
  • Customization of the Website and its products according to the interests and preferences of You (including the selection of advertisements displayed on this Website and outside)
  • General improvement of the products and services of the Website Operator.
  • To ensure valid execution of the third-party services.

The Website Operator collects Your personal data, i.e. information that permits the Website Operator to identify You. The collection of such personal data is limited to data that You have provided to the Company voluntarily by entering such data in forms on the Website. Such Personal Data includes in particular:

  • Name (first name)
  • Surname (last name)
  • E-Mail address

The Website Operator will only use the Personal Data in accordance with this Privacy Policy. How-ever, the Website Operator reserves the right to use the Personal Data for other purposes, provided such usage for other purposes is mandated or permitted by applicable law.
If You does not want the Personal Data to be used for marketing purposes by the Website Operator, You may notify The Website Operator at any time, and The Website Operator will then stop using the Personal Data for such purposes.

Why do we collect data?

The Website Provider collects and uses your personal data in order to give you easy access to this website and to constantly improve the website and its offers. In addition, anonymous data on Your behavior is used for statistical and analytical purposes in order to optimize the web content.

In addition personalized information and offers may be shared with you and your stored data may be associated with you. For example, this means that you do not have to fill in forms more often, or you can view existing services.

This website uses third-party services, see above. In order to ensure the correct execution of these services additional data will be included.

If you are not interested in the new developments and/or would not like to receive information about new products and services, you can inform the Website Provider here at any time.

How is the data collected?



A cookie ("Cookie") is a small file which is placed on the hard drive of Your computer or device, provided that You have set the browser to accept Cookies.

Cookies help the Website Provider to analyse its Website traffic. Furthermore, Cookies let the Website Provider know that it is You who is visiting the Website. Cookies allow the Website to respond to You as an individual. The Website is programmed so that it tailors itself to the needs, likes and dislikes of You by gathering and remembering information about Your interests and preferences, all of which is done by using Cookies.

Overall, Cookies help the Website Provider to provide You with a better Website, by enabling the Website Provider to monitor which pages You find useful and interesting.

A cookie doesn’t give the Website Provider access to the computer of You or any information about You, except the data You choose to share with the Website Provider.

You can choose to accept or decline Cookies. Most web browsers automatically accept Cookies, but You can modify Your browser setting to decline Cookies if You prefer to do so. Declining Cookies may however prevent You from taking full advantage of the Website. For more information on Cookies and your browser settings please visit this website.

Contact for opposition

Tip: General disabling of online advertisers You also have the option here to exclude online advertisers from the outset.

According to the new GDPR (= General Data Protection Regulation), you are entitled to receive information about Your collected data, to obtain a correction, to request a cancellation, to file an opposition and to claim the right to limited processing. We take your concerns very seriously. If you would like to claim any of the rights above, please contact:

+43 5122 38 797